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Born and bred in Singapore, Kane was drawn into electronica in the early 90s. Back then, while still grooving to the sounds of the likes of "Capella", he distinctly remembers Nick Warren's "Cream Live 2" cd being a defining force in his musical taste.

In September 2001, Kane played his first record in Singapore. It was, after all, only a matter of time that he moved from the dancefloor into the DJ booth. Eight months after he first set his hands on a turntable, he got his first real gig on May 9, 2002, at Opaline in New York City - and he has never looked back.

He currently holds a monthly residency with Subkulture, which recently moved to the new and improved Leopard Lounge in New York. In January and February 2006, he was invited to play at Pacha (NYC's newest superclub), not once, but twice, at events that showcased the best local DJs in NYC. He also played his first international gig at El Quijote in Punta Del Este, Uruguay in January 2003.

In a relatively short span of time, Kane has graced the decks at nightspots all over New York City, most notably at Pacha, The Sullivan Room, Filter 14 and Opaline. He has also been featured on Proton Radio several times, even opening for D-Formation on one occasion.

His willingness to play with anyone, anywhere, anytime has seen him share turntables with a big variety of DJs. This has also allowed him to be fortunate enough to play alongside talented DJs like Jay Tripwire, Luke McKeehan, Chris & Kai, Lance Jordan, Mazi, Bruno Gervais, Markus Mehta, David Hollands and David Duriez.

Innovative with the different aspects of house, Kane weaves tribal-spanish house with tech-elements sprinkled with a dash of deep house and progressive elements. Always trying to expand the boundaries of his music, he loves using dubby and groovy sounds to build a vibe, and then unleashing the Iberican sound taking the crowd to new heights.

Presently, there is nothing that Kane enjoys more than being behind the decks and making people put their hands in the air and dance. With gigs in Los Angeles and Barcelona on the horizon, it certainly looks like he's following the right path.

Definitely more of a tribal twister from New York based Kane Juan, this thumping, bumping, innovative house music driven DJ demonstration will captivate your mind and stimulate your aural senses.

"Kane Juan kept the vibe going...keeping things iberican....nice."
- Kai from Chris & Kai (Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi)

"The opening DJ was definitely on point...check out his cd Iberialize...it's a cool mix of jazzy, techy, tribal and groovy house."
- Shane Fontaine, Founder, Parade Magazine

DJ apprearances have included:

  • Featured DJ for the Singapore Day Afterparty at Earth, New York
  • TNC Benefit/Party at Cain, New York
  • Arana's Bday Bash at Studio Mezmor (formerly Crobar NYC)
  • WOBBLE at Guesthouse
  • NYC Locals @ Pacha with Danny Howells on main floor
  • NYC Locals @ Pacha with Max Graham on main floor
  • NYC Locals @ Pacha with Josh Wink on main floor
  • NYC Locals @ Pacha with James Zabiela on main floor
  • NYC Locals @ Pacha with Hector Romero on main floor
  • BASIC NYC @ Sullivan Room with Jay Tripwire & Luke McKeehan
  • BASIC NYC @ Sullivan Room with David Duriez (Brique Rouge, France)
  • Yoshitoshi Record Release Party @ Sullivan Room with Chris & Kai (Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi)
  • Homegrown All-Stars @ Filter 14
  • Three-time featured guest DJ on Proton Radio.com, a premiere Internet radio station for electronica, with D-Formation, Kane Ian and Nathan Leonard.
  • Featured guest DJ @ Vinylholic, New York
  • "Happily, Even After" Tribeca Film Festival Premiere Party @ LUSH
  • DJs Gone Wild @ Delft with Chris & Kai (Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi)
  • Alphabet Lounge with Mazi aka. Audio Soul Project
  • BASIC @ Opium Den with Markus Mehta
  • BASIC @ Opium Den with David Hollands (Minimal Wage)
  • Burning Man Decompression Party at Retail Collective, Boston
  • El Quijote in Punta Del Este, Uruguay with Bruno Gervais
  • Hideout in Singapore with the Radiance Crew
  • Liberte in Singapore with the Radiance Crew
Previous Residencies:
  • "Subkulture" @ The Leopard Lounge/Sin Sin, New York
  • "Subkulture" @ M Bar, New York
  • "WOBBLE" @ Le Souk, New York
  • "WOBBLE" @ Arshile, New York
  • "Vinylholic" @ B3, New York
  • "HONEY" @ Lulus, New York
  • "DJs Gone Wild" @ Delft, New York
  • Regular guest DJ @ BASIC Fridays, Alphabet Lounge
  • Regular guest DJ @ BASIC Thursdays, Opium Den
International Gigs:
  • Florestal - Salvador, Brazil
  • El Quijote - Punta Del Este, Uruguay
  • Hideout - Singapore
  • Liberte - Singapore
Other Previous Gigs:
  • "Feel The Love" at Keybar — New York
  • Opaline — New York
  • Opium Den — New York
  • Delft — New York
  • The Tank — New York
  • Alphabet Lounge — New York
  • Absolutely 4th — New York
  • Tribe — New York
  • Casanova — New York
  • Leopard Lounge — New York
  • SWIM — New York
  • Void — New York
  • M — Brooklyn, NY